Centurion Series

National Turbine's Centurion™ Series of cast iron centrifugal blowers and exhausters are built to exacting quality standards to provide years of trouble-free operation. Made in the U.S.A., many models provide drop-in replacement capabilities for many Lamson, and HSI/Atlas Copco models, including parts interchangeability.

With sizes from 2 1/2" to 14" connections, these blowers and exhausters provide flows from 10 to 13,000 CFM, pressures to 15 PSIG and vacuums to 15 inches of mercury. Standard air units include non-wearing labyrinth air seals, the highest quality, U.S.A made bearings for long life, heavy duty I-beam bases and industrial epoxy enamel finishes.

Our gas machines are available with standard packing gland seals on the drive end, optional zero-leakage seals are available for dangerous or corrosive gases.

Data Sheets

National Turbine to Lamson interchange chart

National Turbine to HSI interchange chart

National Turbine to Hoffman interchange chart

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Approximate Performance Ranges for Centurion Series Blowers and Exhausters
Centurion Model Volume in SCFM Drawing Number
NT225 Series 75-300 CI-4005
NT331 Series Direct Drive 0-300 CI-4010
NT331 Series Belt Drive 100-450 CI-4015
NT541 Series 150-900 CI-4016
NT551 Series 300-1100 CI-4020
NT552 Series 300-1500 CI-4030
NT553 Series 500-2300 CI-4031-02
NT881 Series 600-2800 CI-4040-02
NT882 Series 700-3200 CI-4050-02
NT883 Series 800-5000 CI-4055-02
NT884 Series 800-5000 - Higher Pressure CI-4056-03
NT1221 Series 1500-6000 CI-4061
NT1222 Series 2000-7500 CI-4062
NT1223 Series 2000-11000 CI-4063
NT1226 Series 2000-7500 Higher Pressure CI-4064
NT1441 Series 6000-13000 CI-4070