HSI Replacement Blowers

Many National Turbine blowers and exhausters are direct dimensional and performance equals to your existing HSI™ equipment, and offer drop in replacement capabilities,

For replacement or expansions, we have the widest range of compatable models of any manufacturer.

Data Sheets

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Units marked with * are no longer manufactured by Gardner Denver.
HSI Model NTC Model Dimensional Equal Performance Equal Drawing Number
031/ZM31 Series* NT331 Series YES YES CI-4010
051/ZM51 Series* NT551 Series YES YES CI-4020
052/ZM52 Series* NT552 Series YES YES CI-4030
061/ZM61 Series* NT553 Series CLOSE YES CI-4031-03
081/ZM81 Series* NT881 Series YES YES CI-4040
082/ZM82 Series* NT882 Series YES YES CI-4050
086/ZM86 Series* NT883 Series CLOSE YES CI-4055-02
088/ZM88 Series* NT884 Series CLOSE YES CI-4056-02
126 Series* NT1222 Series CLOSE YES CI-4062
126 Series* NT1226 Series CLOSE YES CI-4064
141 Series* NT1441 Series YES YES CI-4050