Millenium Series

National Turbine's Milennium™ series of fabricated blowers and exhausters are better than ever. Our New Millenium "B" series offers the same economy of a heavy duty fabricated casing with the rugged reliability of cast aluminum impellers. This unique construction was pioneered by National Turbine.

Millenium "B" series blowers and exhausters now have impellers keyed to the shaft, improved aerodynamic passages and added impeller configurations for more flexible performance.

With flow capabilities to 2000 CFM, pressures to 8 PSIG and vacuum to 10 inches of mercury, these blowers and exhausters can be customized in dozens of ways. Stainless steel or aluminum casings, stainless steel shafts and impellers, gas-tight construction and special seals are all available. Standard construction features include heavy duty (3/16" or 1/4") carbon steel inlet and outlet heads, tube or flanged connections, automatic bearing lubricators and heavy duty tubular steel base.

For central vacuum systems, small landfill gas applications, air knives, bio gas blowers and a variety of other industrial vacuum and pressure systems, this unit offers a rugged, economical solution, with hundreds of installations worldwide.

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