Made in the USA

What does Made in America mean to you?

If you bring the parts fully machined from overseas and assemble them here, is it made in the USA? If you bring the entire blower from overseas and put it on a base here, is it made in the USA? If you bring a complete blower here and put your label on it, is it made in the USA?

Our competitors' lawyers think so. Through the use of vague and misleading language and legal trickery, they feel they can legally call their blowers American-made, even if they are not.

Our cast iron and cast aluminum come from Central New York foundries. Our shaft steel and bearings are made in the USA, and all machining, assembling and testing is done in Central New York.

The Economic Recovery and Investment Act (the stimulus package) specifically requires the use of American-made iron and steel , and American-made products for any project using these funds. National Turbine blowers are in full compliance with these requirements.

We will gladly supply foundry records for our parts, or feel free to come visit and see for yourself.