Hoffman Replacement Blowers

National Turbines Blowers and Exhausters cover a wide range of performances that can duplicate the flow and pressure/vacuum requirements of many Hoffman™units. While these are not drop-in replacments, they are similiar in size shape and construction.

Data Sheets

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Units marked with * are no longer manufactured by Gardner Denver.
Hoffman Model NTC Model Dimensional Equal Performance Equal Drawing Number
41 Series* NT331 Series CLOSE YES CI-4010
42 Series* NT442 Series EXACT YES CI-4018
42B Series* NT442 Series EXACT YES CI-4018
383*/384*/741 Series NT881 Series CLOSE YES CI-4040
383*/384*/741 Series NT882 Series CLOSE YES CI-4050
742 Series NT883 Series CLOSE YES CI-4055
385*/751 Series NT1221 Series CLOSE YES CI-4061
385*/751 Series NT1222 Series CLOSE YES CI-4062
385*/751 Series NT 1226 Series CLOSE YES CI-4064
752 Series NT1223 Series CLOSE YES CI-4063
761 Series NT1441 Series CLOSE YES CI-4070-01