Food Industry

These are just a few of the ways that National Turbine blowers and exhausters touch our everyday lives in the production of the foods and beverages we consume. Special food grade Stainless Steel construction is available on many of our products, including tanks, our Millennium series blowers and exhausters, vacuum tubing and air knife systems.

Whether you are building a new plant, or upgrading or expanding an existing facility, our product specialists are ready to help you with
your air and gas handling requirements.

  • Air knife systems to dry freshly washed fruits and vegetables
  • Bottle and can drying systems
  • Vacuum for filling machines
  • Labeling machines
  • Carbon Dioxide blowers for carbonated beverages
  • Pneumatic conveying of raw bulk products to manufacturing lines
  • Central Vacuum Cleaning systems to maintain plant sanitary conditons
  • Waste water treatment and water recovery and filtration systems