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Since 1991, National Turbine has been dedicated to the manufacture of the highest quality air and gas handling blowers and exhausters, and central vacuum cleaning systems. With over 160 years of combined application knowledge, our sales staff can help you find the perfect solution to any system requirement. Many of our Centurion units are drop in replacements for existing Lamson™ and HSI™ units. In addition, we offer replacement parts for Lamson™, Hoffman™, and HSI™ blowers.

Please browse through our site and discover for yourself why our 100% Made in the U.S.A. equipment has become choice for many of the worlds largest OEM manufacturers, engineering companies, design firms and blower repair centers.

What's New?


February , 2018

National Turbine is proud to announce the introduction of our newest product, the NT442 series. The unit is a dimensional and performance duplicate of the Hoffman 42 series blower and exhausters. Available for delivery after March 2018, this is the perfect machine for drop in replacements or new installations. Product data pages are available on this site in the centurion data sections.